About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Boys Gaming. We aim to provide the best gaming experience possible. We have a world class staff team and round the clock service across all our community platforms. We aim to provide a safe and inviting community for everyone who joins our Servers. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us at The Boys Gaming.



Here at TBG, we offer a FiveM Server StarwarsRP Server and two Teamspeaks. We are a Large expanding community, that one day plans to be huge! We want to offer a friendly place where all players can join and enjoy their time.


Our FiveM server is leading the pack of Australian FiveM Roleplay servers. We not only aim to give our patrons the best RP experience around but to also give them the opportunities to work in professional organisations such as EMS, CFA and Police. The server is ran by the three directors Tate, Larry and Samuel as well as our dedicated staff, moderators and helpers.


Our Imperial Starwars server offers a diverse role play experience. Managed by Dragz and Mega, You can expect this server to be amazing. We plan to hold the biggest Garry's Mod server in the future.

FiveM Teamspeak

TBG’s teamspeak is filled with the with the best people you could possibly find and there is always room for one more. There is rooms for our civilians to chat with each other and make new friends, there is staff channels as well as support channels for anyone who faces issues and needs help form a staff member and there is highly professional police,EMS and cfa channels available to our organisations. Jump on! We look forward to seeing you.

Starwars Teamspeak

Our teamspeak is filled with amazing and funny people. Any time you want to jump on and chat there is always a free channel. This is also where all the regiments will communicate during events and just relax from time to time. The teamspeak is also a great way to speak to staff members about problems you may have. You can even donate for your own private channel that you can use with your friends! The Teamspeak IP is TBG.streamlinegames.com


Management Team

Meet our amazing management team. These are the guys that do all the work "behind the scenes" Please never feel intimidated to speak out to these people as they are here for you!

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Contact us

Contact us

Please never feel intimidated to contact us! hop on our teamspeak and talk to one of our Staff Members. They are their to assist you and will never get angry.