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About Cos Gaming

Welcome to our fun studio where imagination has no limits.

Cos Gaming is our brand. We're a video game testing studio, and after years of working on a variety of titles, we've gotten rather excellent at it! We've tested over 150 titles in a variety of genres and have a lot of experience with them.
Our team is quite a pop star team, with a number of our gamers coming from industry powerhouses and having worked on some of the most intriguing games ever created. What are our contributions to the table? – Our testing methodology incorporates the industry's best practices. To boast a little, we've been long-term QA partners to both established studios and start-ups in the game business.


VR game testing

The primary concept is to provide customers with a 360° immersive experience through electronic entertainment.

PC Game Testing

Any game requires a strong game QA team and testing approach, that's why we're here to help.

Game Functionality

We have approximately 100 expert gamers and QA testers on staff who work on a wide range of games.

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ABOUT Cos Gaming

Amazing studio to work with! They take everything seriously, test every single detail of every part of the game to make sure everything works as it should. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a game testing center.

Randolph Frazier

VR games are somewhat new to the whole gaming platform, and as such they're not very easy to work with, plus the fact we don't have enough information. Getting a testing studio specifically for this type of servise is rather difficult. Cos gaming on the other hand is a great place with an amazing team!

Justin Trembles

Thank you to the amazing team of testers and QA at Cos Gaming! Highly professional, very kind, very fast, and most important, very good at what they do!

Jasmine Sandy

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